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  • Expungement and sentence modification

  • Petition to revoke probation

  • Driving offenses: specialized driving privileges - permits driving even if your license is suspended aka "hardship licenses"

  • OMDUIs, DWIs, and DUIs

  • Shoplifting

  • Drug offenses and violent crimes

Serving as a senior judge in the Columbus area for 24 years, Chris Monroe has the knowledge and the experience to make sure you are properly represented in any criminal matter that you're facing.


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Chris Monroe Attorney At Law has been helping the clients in a variety of cases like divorce, family issues, and criminal offenses.

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Chris Monroe is currently serving as a

senior judge.

If you've been charged with a criminal offense including any level of misdemeanor or felony, Chris Monroe Attorney At Law can get you the representation you deserve. No matter what you're facing, let Chris Monroe give you the best representation around. Contact us for your consultation today.

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